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THC Tincture (300mg)

$ 35.95 USD

Paradise THC Tincture

Mix with your favorite juice or take sublingually. Also a good alternative for cooking.
Contents: 300mg (Roughly 28 Doses)
Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil
Active Ingredients: C02 cannabis oil

One dose (full dropper) is 1mL. Each bottle contains 30mL.

10mg thc/ dose (full dropper)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Soothing tinture

Very mellow nice tasting tinture. I didn't feel high at all like Overnightkush''s flowers or vapes, but it kept post surgery pain at bay.

My first order

About the products:
My first order consisted of three items:
1) one small jar of CBD Gummies. I thought the cost was high for 300 mg but Harborside has so reduced their selection of edible CBD edibles. This was the best (only) option.

2) a glass bottle contains 300 mg of cannabis infused THC tincture. The liquid volume is not indicated. That’s weak, but I need this as an anti emetic for my upcoming cancer chemo. It’s not really a tincture in that the solvent is not alcohol but rather coconut oil, much easier on the mouth and throat inflamed by radiation burns. This is an A+ formulation to replace the USP Drobinol caplets, packed in 5mg doses, 60 per bottle, available at the pharmacy for $1354 per bottle with a 10% insurance copay. (Five years ago,)

3) a small syringe of the type used for glue, containing a fairly large ration of liquid Ghost Walker OG Indica, suitable for vaping with my Planet of the Vapes X Max Starry V3.0. Needed because I can no longer handle smoke.

Good product packaging, good product, poor labeling. B+

Delivery was prompt but left on my doorstep without ringing the doorbell, as promised. B+

Shipping package: very well done...all wrapped in heavy white plastic film. A

Overall. A-
Damn good for a fledgling enterprise.
I should mention: No Tax. A++ compared to the 30% tax in Oakland’s pioneer shop, Harborside.

I don’t know how they do it but it’s a godsend, for the recreational and this medicinal consumer, facing a return bout with cancer after a five year remission.

I know that I have the tools to avoid the worst of the dastardly effects of chemo, as I embark on this new chapter next week. My sincere thanks and best wishes for your continued success.

Since you asked

Well, since you asked, I would've given 5 stars but for the following;

1. I believe the bottles should be clear so we can be sure we're receiving the same amount of product each purchase.

2. I have to continue using the dropper from my first bottle, because subsequent droppers (although brand new) are not strong enough to extract a full dropper.

3. Although it may be out of your hands, a Tuesday delivery for purchases after Friday at 3pm is quite a big penalty.