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Holy Grail OG (Indica)

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Holy Grail OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain. 60 Ind/40 Sat. Although the THC levels are on the high side, this flower does not induce face melting indica sedation. Instead, Holy Grail OG will take you to heaven with a mellow relaxation while energizing the mind and spirit. The high that comes out of this strain is relaxed, happy, and creative with the indica properties bringing true depth to the experience. Feel a change in headspace and the perfect amount of weight on your limbs without being overbearing. Overdoing it will cause you to melt into your couch so proceed with caution. The aroma is a spicy citrus scent with a sweet earthiness to it. Holy Grail OG is an ideal smoke for those looking for relief from pain, stress, or depression.

This flower was indoor grown under “veganic” grow methods. This means it’s organic and fed with no animal byproducts – plants feeding plants. Grown in a pesticide free environment using “veganic” tea compost (dirt with vegan plant food and tea leaves) for nutrients; no bottle nutrients used – ever! We are calling it “Craft Cannabis” because of the care used to grow with unique blends of dry amendments and special grow environment created by the grower.





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