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Overnight Kush Reviews

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A little disappointed

When they first came they smelled amazing, but after smoking the effects weren't nearly as potent as said but still a good little mood lifter.

Carmel singles

Hello, I'm 65 years old. They were great for me caramel singles. I love them.

Sleepytime green crack

The Green Crack I ordered is unlike all of the other green cracks I've ever tried. I love the taste and high, except it makes me sleepy after a few minutes. I'm a little confused about that; maybe I was sent the wrong strain, or ?

Nice mellow high

The best edible I have been able to find for relaxing and pain soothing!

Great service n products fast delivery I always use them

This is great stuff

Ordered this yesterday got it today along with the Yoda OG and let me just tell you this is some awesome stuff. Me and my brother as soon as we got the order we went outside and lit this shit up if you go through depression and anxiety this will certainly take it away.

Alaskan thunder F**ck

Good taste smooth

My first order

About the products:
My first order consisted of three items:
1) one small jar of CBD Gummies. I thought the cost was high for 300 mg but Harborside has so reduced their selection of edible CBD edibles. This was the best (only) option.

2) a glass bottle contains 300 mg of cannabis infused THC tincture. The liquid volume is not indicated. That’s weak, but I need this as an anti emetic for my upcoming cancer chemo. It’s not really a tincture in that the solvent is not alcohol but rather coconut oil, much easier on the mouth and throat inflamed by radiation burns. This is an A+ formulation to replace the USP Drobinol caplets, packed in 5mg doses, 60 per bottle, available at the pharmacy for $1354 per bottle with a 10% insurance copay. (Five years ago,)

3) a small syringe of the type used for glue, containing a fairly large ration of liquid Ghost Walker OG Indica, suitable for vaping with my Planet of the Vapes X Max Starry V3.0. Needed because I can no longer handle smoke.

Good product packaging, good product, poor labeling. B+

Delivery was prompt but left on my doorstep without ringing the doorbell, as promised. B+

Shipping package: very well done...all wrapped in heavy white plastic film. A

Overall. A-
Damn good for a fledgling enterprise.
I should mention: No Tax. A++ compared to the 30% tax in Oakland’s pioneer shop, Harborside.

I don’t know how they do it but it’s a godsend, for the recreational and this medicinal consumer, facing a return bout with cancer after a five year remission.

I know that I have the tools to avoid the worst of the dastardly effects of chemo, as I embark on this new chapter next week. My sincere thanks and best wishes for your continued success.

Great product

Best CBD product for daily and nighttime use. I have tried many CBD products and nothing is better than this.


These bugs are a nice little treat. Worth a try!

Very pleased with the product and your customer service.

Great flavor

Goodnight sweet world. Good flavor and relaxed

Great pain relief

Finally slept through the night


I'm not too fussy about color, texture, flavor...don't usually notice. But this Tahoe has a spectacular aroma and buzz. Hard to find it oftentimes, but well worth the search.

Super Silver Haze scores again, one of my favorites.


Have ordered both THC and CBD gummies several times and they are always consistently good.

The best

I really love your space glue especially the hybrid could you give me a breakdown of sativa and and they got in it please and I wish I could buy more of it. Thank you have a good day. Overnight Kush is the best

The best

I really love your space glue specially the hybrid could you tell me the breakdown of the sativa and indica in it.

The right stuff

I have a cat who is currently sick with a tumor in his jaw, respond well with this CBD product and would eat only after his dose of this. Vet has warned me the stuff aren't regulated and have seen bad reaction from other pets of different CBD products, this one certainly isn't! Thankfully.

Secret Weapon

mild in intensity and non-inhibiting in behavior, but consiencially calm under stress of stress free feeling & relaxive.

Affectionately Robust

The product has an Rich Earthy/fragrant aroma w/hint of bouquetish scent.
A plausible intellectual stimulator with an anti-angst relaxation.


Very pleased with the product

YODA IS Awesome

Love the Yoda bud great taste smooth, works perfect and fast.

Not impressed

Well, since you asked, the product was old and dried out a bit too much and left me dissatisfied. It did not have the same effect as the ATF I had purchased from a competitor in 2018. I only use as needed and thus I don't use much nor do I order very often. Dan

Perfect but spoils

Works great
Can make me sleepier than the CBD tincture tho.
After a couple months it spoils and turns my stomach.
I keep buying it but maybe half sizes are better!

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